Wednesday, May 11, 2011

White Wednesday

I am joining Faded Charm's White Wednesday.
My sweet friend made me this vintage purse.

She used a crochet lace doily and other types of lace.

I wonder who made them? It looks like lots of work goes into making them.

She put vintage buttons on it, she is so creative.

It is the perfect Canton purse.

She gave it to me for nurse's day last week. I am a school nurse for a small rural school . I am so blessed to work with a great group of people.

Happy White Wednesday.


Diane @ Magpies and Magnolias said...

What a beautiful purse!

I, too, am fascinated with vintage lace and doilies. My grandmother used to crochet. Sadly, I think that it is a dying art form. Kids today see no point in taking the time to make something when they can go to a store and buy something churned out in China. So tragic!

Thanks for following me. I am originally from Dallas, and I see that you are in East TX. I am following you back!

Linda said...

Yes vintage lace and doilies are a dying art. I have a few that my motherin law made and I know I will treasure them. Thanks for following me, I am also following you.