Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby Shower for Uri

The cake was so good and I know you are asking yourself what is that purple thing in the picture? Grimace is a part of our family. He has been coming to family events for about ten years. He has an unusual sense of humor, and usually digs up some dirt on the honorees. He has been to all the family weddings, he even has a tux for more formal events.
I want to thank my family, they are the best. They did this shower for Josh and Lisa. They went above and beyond, everything was so nice. Food , family , friends and fellowship. What a blessing to us. I hope they know how much we appreciate everything they did. We love you all.
He will be a wonderful dad and Lisa will be a great mom. There due date is September 2nd, 2010.
Josh and Lisa are having a baby. My son, Josh is going to be a dad. He has always loved babies and is very good with them.