Monday, May 16, 2011

I got this fun cherry poster in Seattle, Washington. There is a story behind it. Long story short it has a new home. It was hanging up in Pike's market at a little booth.

We were at Pike's Public Market. If you are ever in Seattle this is a fun place to hang out. This is where they toss the fish. They have a huge seafood market here.

I was proud of my new purchase.

We were walking around the market and I saw this poster, I just thought I had to have it. I had to do lots of begging to get them to sale it to me. We also got fresh cherries from them . I wish I had some now.

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Ido said...

Love cherries, is one of the fruits that "we" harvest here in Northern Utah, we have a parade on July 4th and is called Cherry days, cherries and cherry themed merchandise is sold everywhere. Love that poster!
Have a great day!