Sunday, March 6, 2011

We Are So Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a wonderful week-end. Stephanie and Tony came home and went to Canton with us. We got the most exciting news while we were there. We passed a booth with the cutest baby cloths in it, Steph took me over to it, I said I can wait until you have a baby and she just got this funny look on her face. I said are you pregnant?? That was it, you could hear me all over Canton. The lady in the booth was so sweet, I think she was excited as we were. Steve had it all figured out, he had put a message on his phone the we were going to be grandparents again yesterday. Men???
Today we went to lunch with our best friends and got to tell them. Kacy is expecting in October and has a precious little girl. We are always entertained by Kinsey. She is hoping for twins, a boy and a girl. I do hope she gets her wish.

We are so excited and can not wait .

Urijah will have a playmate.

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Carol said...

We are so excited for Stephanie and Tony. And you and Steve. Your family is growing with blessings!